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About Us

Stanley Group is a global advisory firm delivering material impact, enterprise value, and lasting change through cutting-edge implementation methodologies within multiple cross-functional verticals in private and public sector markets. 


We think creatively about complex problems, we deliver change through global and local partnerships, and we transform organisations through the impact of our work.

Local partnership and ownership

We put emphasis on working in partnership with local stakeholders to build the ownership needed to achieve lasting change. We have international breadth and depth of experience across more than 100 countries and numerous service lines addressing key development and organisational issues.

Our Philosophy and ethos

We promote quality and never take shortcuts. We are known for delivering to the highest standards and managing our programmes closely, with exacting precision and efficiency. Not only advising on problems to be solved - we implement solutions. We effectively manage risk and engage seriously with material issues to ensure sustainable impact.


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John Watts

Managing Director

Commercial & Strategic Development

+44 203 582 4803

John joined Stanley Group in 2019 and sits on the Management Board of the Stanley Group as Managing Director for Commercial and Strategic Development, and serves as the Chairman of the Stanley Group Foundation's Board of Trustees.


John is a proven global Team Manager with portfolio, programme, project and change management experience within the Financial Sector.

As a highly practical and hands-on team member with a strong commitment to quality and delivery, John is qualified to the highest levels both academically and professionally with a strong technical background, capable of managing and delivering significant corporate value.

John holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with specialism in Entrepreneurship, International Law & Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, and is currently finishing a Bachelor of Law (LLB).

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Andrew Baker

Managing Director

Organisational Standards & Integrity

+44 203 925 2354

Andrew founded the Stanley Group of Companies in 2012, The Stanley Group Foundation (SCIO) in 2020, and serves as the Group's Managing Director for Organisational Standards and Integrity, as well as serving as a Trustee of the Foundation, focussing on the global philanthropic portfolio. 


As a highly experienced Senior Change Consultant across International Development, Public Revenue Administration, Centre of Government Reform and Regulatory Compliance, Andrew has substantial experience leading System, Process and Organisational Change implementations within Systemically-Important Financial Institutions and post-conflict Central Government Ministries across Central and South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Andrew is a certified IIBA Senior Business Analyst, PMI-certified Project Manager (PMP), and holds dual undergraduate degrees from the University of Paris and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris in Applied Linguistics and Music Pedagogy respectively, a Master of Arts in Hermeneutics and Liturgics (MA) from McCormick Seminary at the University of Chicago, and a Master of Science (MSc) from the University of Edinburgh in Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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Anne Beate Steyer

Head of Legal & Compliance

Contract Law & Organisational Governance

Anne Beate is a fully qualified and licensed German attorney, specialising in European Contract Law, Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance, and German Tax Law. Anne Beate was admitted as a lawyer to the German Bar Association by the President of the Supreme Regional Court, Frankfurt am Main, in 1995.

In addition to numerous prestigious posts throughout her career, Anne Beate served in the Securities Admission Department of the Deutsche Börse, AG (German Stock Exchange), Frankfurt am Main, and as Special Legal Advisor to Ernst & Young, GmbH, in the fields of Capital Markets and Regulatory Compliance. Most recently, Anne Beate served a Director of Compliance specialising in Organisational Risk for the Frankfurt-based subsidiary of a major British-Singaporean Bank.

In addition to her own private practice, Anne Beate holds a commendable portfolio of qualifications and certifications, and serves as the Group's legal counsel, specifically in relation to Contract Law and Commercial Negotiations, representing Stanley Group's European entity from our offices in Germany.

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Morfo Kontogeorgou

Senior Manager

Chief of Staff, Accounts & Personnel

Morfo is a Senior Data Transformation Programme Manager and Business Analyst with extensive global exposure in Business & Process Analysis, Programme Implementations, Project Management and Systems Administration across major portfolio change and BAU programmes. 


Morfo is qualified in Regulatory Compliance, Risk, Corporate Finance, M&A, Legal & Insurance, HR, Outsourcing and Private Equity Environments.

Morfo leads a team of account and personnel administrators from our Athens, Greece offices, managing the Group's employees, clients and consultant portfolios.

Join us

Attracting the right people to work with us, and supporting their performance, development, and well-being is key to Stanley Group's success and to our impact in the countries where we work. Our culture champions diversity and inclusion and we live by our values.

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