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Our Work

Explore our work in delivering material impact, enterprise value, and lasting change through cutting-edge implementation methodologies across multiple private and public sectors.


Organisational Strategy & Target Operating Model Advisory

Working with a UK based charity, working with local adolescents and young people to provide support and Councelling services and safe space: for clients. Youthworks also supplied a schooling provision for adolescents excluded from maintstream education.

Stanley Group provided business adminisgtration and strategic consultancy to provide a review of the Organisation at the behest of the Executive Board, to make recommendations for changes to governance and structure, to grow the Organisation and support it’s charitable aims.

London Stock Exchange Group

Deal-side Diligence, Organisational Integration & Regulatory Authorisations

Stanley Group provided core subject matter expertise within the majority stakeholder buy-out and subsequent integration of LCH.Clearnet, regulated by the Bank of England and Prudential Regulatory Authority. Key areas of advisory services centred around the preparation of arms-length service agreements for the integration of support functions and systems, contract remediation, and process & workforce alignment and integration.

The Pictet Group

Regulatory Compliance, Licensure Due Diligence, Private Wealth Governance & Risk

Stanley Group is proud to be partnering with Pictet Group for a Regulatory Compliance engagement in the UK and EU. As two leading firms in wealth management and regulatory compliance, we are committed to providing top-quality services to our clients. Our team of seasoned professionals has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and is dedicated to helping clients navigate complex regulatory requirements. Together, we are well-positioned to deliver exceptional service to our clients and help them achieve their goals. This partnership represents a significant step towards strengthening our capabilities in the region and continuing to exceed expectations.

Mines Advisory Group

Post-Conflict Reconstruction & Development

Landmines and unexploded bombs can remain in the ground for decades after a conflict has ended. Every day, 15 people are killed or injured by these indiscriminate weapons.

Almost half of civilian casualties are children.

MAG finds and clears landmines and unexploded bombs and returns safe land to communities, enabling them to build a safer and more sustainable future.

In conjunction with the United States Department of State, The Nobel Foundation and Facebook, Stanley Group provides MAG with technical expertise and advisory services in the preparation of MAG's digital EORE (Explosive Ordnance Risk Eduction) 3-5 year plan for Public Awareness, Outreach and Media Communications within various post-conflict areas including Syria, Iraq, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Sudan.


Post-Implementation PaaS Programme Enhancements

Stanley Group provides Programme Management and post-implementation solution expertise to Citibank as part of a strategic instruction to deliver procurement efficiencies and automated contract drafting and repapering. By centralising procurement as a service (“PaaS”), data mining and development of AI to process contracts and vendor agreements, including trade details and service supply, Citibank benefits from significant process standardisation and quality enhancement within its contract and procurement processes.

Willis Towers Watson

Corporate Underwriting Advisory & Organisational Integration Structuring

Stanley Group provided a number of technical subject matter experts in the Group's M&A division, advising on the acquisition, commercial feasibility study and integration of a major French telecoms institution.

Standard Bank

Commodities Portfolio Operational Advisory, Supply Chain Optimisation and Micro-financing Infrastructure Architecture

Stanley Group staff worked with the organisation in diverse commodities based operations, from agricultural products in Africa to metals and energy throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Delivery expertise in Banking and Supply Chain, Standard Bank and Stanley developed instrumental and leading edge capabilities in physical commodities management and oversight to give long term competitive advantage and reduced operational risk.

Stanley Group staff worked closely with Standard Bank to conceptualise and develop micro financing capabilities within South Africa to allow the most disadvantaged cross sector of society access to financing capabilities to drive self-development and reduction of poverty.

Standard Chartered Bank PLC

Financial Services & Regulatory Change

Stanley Group services a portfolio of work for Standard Chartered Bank, primarily centred within its Central Compliance Function, covering the implementation of an automated Governance, Risk and Compliance system for managing regulatory change.

Stanley Group provided program, project and analystica expertise to support the wholesale banking business with key areas of specialist knowledge around commodities, specific trading activity and supply chain expertise. Working with the organisation delived key growth in supporting the organisatio9n and its customers

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office

Centre of Government Reform, Fiscal Policy Advisory & Public Revenue Management

Stanley Group served as lead technical and policy advisor for the post-conflict and reconstruction implementation phase of a Standard Integrated Governmental Tax Administration System (SIGTAS) in partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Phoenix Group

Regulatory Advisory Services, Mark-to-Market Product Analysis, Organisational Restructuring and Licensing Services

Stanley Group provides regulatory advisory services to the Phoenix Group of Companies as part of a broader programme of work relating to organisational restructuring and direct market access initiatives for the Reinssurance entity’s Direct Illiquid Investment division.

BNP Paribas

Collateral Management Advisory & Regulatory Obligation Reconciliation

A French Bank, Stanley Group provided expertise in collateral management and design capabilities to expand and upgrade the organisations ability to track, manage and develop its collateral management capabilities to support its regulatory and internal obligations.

Rabobank International

Financial Services, Organisational Restructuring & Regulatory Change

Stanley Group supplies a number of technical consultants to Rabobank International / RaboDirect's Frankfurt Branch and Central Direct Banking Hub within the Central Change Function, covering advisory and implementation services for a series of programmes, including system and interface optimisations, central governance reform, and regulatory advisory services covering the Benelux region.

Standard Chartered Bank AG

Financial Services & Regulatory Change

Stanley Group services a number of regulatory-based implementations for GDPR and SMCR, and acts as lead consultant in the establishment of the Compliance Function for the Group's German subsidiary's (SCB AG) as part of the bank's Brexit portfolio book of work.

Seeing is Believing

Grant & Funding Proposal Review & Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation

A charity dedicated to the elimination of preventable blindness, operating in countries, Stanley Group assisted as part of a panel to review proposals for funding as part of a multi-million dollar fund to finance change and innovation to support the charity’s aims.


Eradication of social disparity and violence through education

NaariSamatā work on issues related to gender, caste and sexuality by teaching youth about equality and respect, and by working on the general empowerment of women and girls.

As most sexual abuse begins well before puberty, The Stanley Group Foundation and NaariSamatā believe preventative education, if it is to have any effect at all, must begin early in middle school.Universal primary education is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030, and initiative The Stanley Group Foundation and NaariSamatā together are proud to support.

Many of the poorest countries in the world are also those that have the poorest education rates. This, we believe, leads to gender and economic disparity, which when compounded by 'blind-eye political policy' and lack of awareness of the countries' diaspora, results in indescribable poverty, sexual violence, and the promulgation of caste systems within the local society.

According to UNESCO, if all students in low-income countries just had basic reading skills (nothing else), an estimated 171 million people could escape extreme poverty and the sociosexual violence it accompanies.

Bees Abroad

Organisational Strategy & Target Operating Model Advisory

A UK based charity dedicated to relieving poverty through the promotion of bee-keeping skills in sub-saharan Africa. Focussing on women beekeepers to provide the skills to eleviate themselves from poverty and provide long-term improvements to life.

Stanley Group provided strategic expertise to develop the medium-term (3-5 year) strategic plan for the Charity.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Trade Data Reconciliation & Transaction Warehousing Architecture

Stanley Group served as the lead advisor for a programme of work in the bespoke design and implementation of an in-house digitisation, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and archiving framework of over 45Mn individual contract and transaction documents related to its Hellenic shipping activities.

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