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Statement on Health and Safety

Stanley Group believes that consideration of the health, safety and welfare of staff is an integral part of the management process.

The provision of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, associated Codes of Practice and other relevant Directives will be adopted as required standards within the Company.

This policy has been prepared and published under the requirements of Health & Safety at Work legislation.

The purpose of the policy is to establish general standards for health and safety at work and to distribute responsibility for their achievement to all managers, supervisors, and other employees through the normal line management processes.

Responsibility for health and safety matters shall be explicitly stated in management job descriptions.Stanley Group fully accepts the obligations placed upon it by the various Acts of Parliament covering health and safety.

The Company requires its Board of Directors to ensure that the following policy is implemented and to report annually on its effectiveness.

2 May 2023

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Statement on Health and Safety

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