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Commitment to Anti-Tax Evasion

Stanley Group takes a zero-tolerance policy on tax evasion of any form.

Tax evasion involves the deliberate and dishonest use of illegal practices in order not to pay the right amount of tax. This could include not reporting all of your income, deliberately not filing an accurate tax return, hiding beneficial ownership and taxable assets from HMRC or diverting funds to hide income from local taxation authorities.

Our policy is to have a zero tolerance to tax evasion and facilitation of tax evasion.
This means we expect all our employees and anyone who works for us – e.g., contractors, not to engage in any activity which evades tax or facilitates or may facilitate the evasion of tax by any other person (company or individual). It does not matter whether the taxes are UK taxes or are due to an overseas fiscal authority.

Nor will we engage with any third party (including those who contract with us or otherwise provide services to us) who do not have a similar policy.

Specifically, we expect all employees and associated persons to be able to identify and take steps to prevent any scenarios where there may be a risk that they are facilitating others to commit tax evasion, either in the UK or overseas.
As a group, we support the questioning and eventual declining of business where there are any suspicions of tax evasion or the facilitation of tax evasion.
All cases of suspicion in relation to future or existing business should be first reported (see below) before making any decisions in relation to existing business relationships or committing the business to transact in the manner proposed.
We expect all parties acting with us or for us to adopt a similarly robust approach.

5 January 2021

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Commitment to Anti-Tax Evasion

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