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Post-conflict Economic Growth

Analytical Works
• Peacebuilding needs and impact assessment
• Rehabilitation needs assessment
• Policy review and evaluation
• Baseline data collection
• Social surveys / community profiling
• Stakeholders analysis
• Capacity assessment
• Sector analysis
• Assessment for damage of infrastructure
• Project evaluation

Planning and Design Works
• Participatory planning with stakeholders
• Design of training and capacity development programs
• Formulation of urgent rehabilitation programs
• Master planning for short to mid-term rehabilitation and development plans
• Basic and detailed design for damaged infrastructure
• Operation and maintenance planning for rehabilitated infrastructure

Project Management
• Institutional capacity building and human resource development for government and local NGOs/CBOs
• Training courses such as participatory appraisal, strategic planning, monitoring, and evaluation, project cycle management and peacebuilding / community-based conflict resolution
• Procurement and Implementation of quick impact projects
• Construction management for reconstruction projects
• Management of community based non-infrastructure projects such as sensitisation, cultural and sportive events


Stanley Group offers rehabilitation and peacebuilding consulting services that focus on reconstruction of supporting social institutions and infrastructure, as well as capacity building for governmental institutions and empowerment of civil society.

Our comprehensive approach includes strategy making, rehabilitation planning, capacity building as well as construction management.

How we help

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